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    Lotus Electric Sports Vehicle Coming!

    By admin | January 10, 2009

    A London newspaper reveals on their pages the plans of Lotus to build an electric vehicle sports car which is scheduled to debut in the Geneva Motor Show in March.

    The British car manufacturer Lotus assisted in the development of the electric cars of Chrysler and Tesla and there are now assumptions that Lotus aims for a chunk of the market by competing with these brands.

    The Lotus electric sports car is yet to be named but company officials share that it will be similar to the Fisker Karma or the Chevrolet Volt. Its batteries will be recharged by an internal combustion engine when they start depleting. Such a design shows the DNA of the Lotus in other EV cars like the Dodge EV and the Tesla Roadster.

    The designers also hint of a prototype of the Lotus electric sports car soon.

    Upon production the Lotus EV speed monster is expected to be ahead of the pact or among green tech pillars Ruf, Fisker Automotive, and Tesla. Other manufacturers are also spending a lot of money and effort in coming up with good performing EVs like the Mitsubishi iMiEV and the Mini E but they are not primarily built for speed.

    Lotus did not reveal details about the car or the engine but discloses that it will go for 300 to 400 miles and it will really live up to the expectations of being one of the best electric cars in the world.

    A lot of people are wondering how the car will look like. Lotus is spending around $90 million in lower emission technology and has helped other car companies come up with their EVs. We are sure that Lotus can come up with something exciting— maybe they will just tweak a bit the DNA of the Evora.

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